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About Me

I’m Erin, the artist behind the portraits and prints you’ll see on here.

Photography portrait of artist drinking coffee

When I was a kid, I was happiest with a new set of colouring pencils and a blank page.

Fast forward to the present day, I’ve swapped the pencils for watercolour paints. My blank pages are now filled with custom portraits and abstract art, time spent being creative is still what makes me happiest!

From my home studio in Bristol, UK, I recreate photographs of special moments as original watercolour portraits. I have painted family portraits, pet memorials, wedding portraits, and my artworks have been gifts for many occasions too (always a winning engagement gift!).

If you’d like to order a hand painted portrait,  click here.

In between my portrait work, I am creating quirky abstract artworks on 300gsm cold pressed paper. Some artists find inspiration in nature, but mine comes mostly from people, how we look, where we live, and why we think the way we do.

To browse my giclee art prints, click here.
Photography portrait of artist with palette